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Plenty of vitriol has been thrown at Kim Kardashian, most of it snark on how she’s continually shunned by fashion, even more so than her fiance. (I particularly find the situation surrounding Kanye’s fashion line — lifestyle line? —  funny and terrible, because were it not for him, leather sweatpants would not have been a thing at all. But that is a story for another time.) Kim gets a custom dress by Ricardo Tisci? Everyone screams about how she looks like a couch. Baby clothes from Katie Couric? Only as a guilt-gift after Katie mouthed off about Kim on network television. People don’t get ‘it’ — they don’t get her. They don’t get how she’s made a name for herself despite the fact our culture is set up to shame women in her position to the shadows or a breakdown. Kim has done neither. Instead, she ended up with arguably the most expensive bag ever, and oh yeah, a beautiful child. By all accounts except our own incontrovertible guilt, Kim broke our rules. She’s the sexbomb celebrity, the mother and businesswoman, the Madonna and Madonna. Women aren’t allowed to be all of these things, and so we must punish her.

The Curious Case of Kendall & Kim - The Style Con

Karolina Kurkova by Thiemo Sander for Madame Figaro France, April 2014.

Cate. By Jens Ingvarsson.
Raw chocolate mint cake from Something Raw!

I hope my summer has at least one moment like this